Thursday, May 10, 2012

QR Codes: Future or Fad?

QR Codes are lukewarm right now and a lot of businesses are wondering how and if they should be using them. In case you're not totally sure what a QR code is, here's the 10-second summary - QR codes are special codes meant to be scanned by smartphones. Once scanned the user is directed to a website, video, coupon, etc. QR Codes can be programmed to send a text message, call a phone number or send an email, but I still think the best use of QR codes is to create an easy way to bridge consumers from the physical world to a digital destination. But not just any destination... A destination that is going to add value. This might look like: a coupon to a new bistro on a print ad, a demo video on the new lawn  mower you just purchased or a portal to buy tickets to an event being advertised. Simply linking a website or "something" just for the sake of using a QR code isn't enough. In fact, poor QR code execution could be why they won't ever reach their full potential. Any QR marketing should be well thought out and helpful to consumers and customers.

Check out this super cool  concept and video showing how QR Code can help the consumer cross the online/ offline barrier  and  improve their lives. Really smart stuff!

Here are a few of my favorite relevant QR Code applications:

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