The 10 Best Beer Apps For St. Patrick's Day

1. BeerCloud
BeerCloud is a great all-around beer discovery app. It also helps you locate your nearby 
favorites and create genius beer/food pairings. Price: FREE. Available on iOS and Android


2. BrewGene

BrewGene suggests beers based on your taste preferences. Use the app to store your beer 
ratings and notes for future tastings. Price: FREE. Available on iOS and Android


3. Pintley
Another beer recommendation service, Pintley learns from your past beer ratings and notes to generate precise beer suggestions. The app also has social checkin functionality. Price: FREE. Available on iOS and Android.


4. Beer Prophet
Beer Prophet not only provides a database of beer information, it will suggest brews based on your ratings and tasting notes. Plus, use Beer Prophet to check in and score badges, like Foursquare. Price: $0.99. Available on iOS.


5. Untappd
Untappd is a social network for brew lovers. Use the app to check in when you're enjoying a beer, and discover what your friends are drinking too. Price: FREE. Available on iOS and Android.


6. Findmytap
Findmytap is like the Yelp for draught and craft beer. Location-based search helps pinpoint nearby beer bars that are pouring your favorite beers. Price: FREE. Available on iOS and Android.


7. Find Craft Beer
Similarly, Find Craft Beer performs a search for nearby craft beer bars based on your smartphone's location services. Price: $0.99. Available on iOS and Android.


8. DrinkFit
Worried about how many carbs were in that barrel of beer you just pounded? DrinkFit provides nutritional information for all things alcoholic. The app also helps tally and track your daily drink intake, so you'll know exactly how many times to hit the gym the following week. Price: $1.99. Available on iOS and Android.


9. Today's Beer
As simple as it sounds, Today's Beer app profiles a different brew each day for your beer inspiration. Price: $0.99. Available on iOS


10. Happy Hours
This location-based app pinpoints nearby happy hours. Most restaurants and bars have detailed profiles, so you can view menus, amenities, reviews and contact information.Happy hour reviews are based on community ratings, like Yelp, so be sure and contribute your own "happy" experiences. Price: FREE. Available on iOS


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