Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Product Alert! OutRiggerSocks

Tiresocks, Inc. is excited to announce the development of our newest product OutriggerSocks. 

After receiving multiple inquiries for a product that would protect the floor from damage caused by outriggers, our product development team started designing the first prototype. At the 2012 ARA show in New Orleans we tested various design options on Reachmaster's Bluelift.  Logistics Manager Conrad Juliao of ReachMaster was excited to test and display the OutriggerSocks on his Bluelift along side Tiresocks product "TrackSocks" which were developed in the same fashion at last year's ARA show in Las Vegas. Juliao stated "I've had multiple inquiries about outrigger covers so I'm excited to finally be able to offer my customers a simple solution." As with all Tiresocks products, OutriggerSocks promise to be durable & user-friendly. When asked about product development at ARA shows, Tiresocks President Jarrett Gordon said, "The ARA show promotes innovation and offers the opportunity to collaborate with customers & friends in the industry to find solutions. It's the perfect environment for innovative product development. We look forward to displaying our newest product, OutriggerSocks, at the 2013 ARA Rental Show in Las Vegas."

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