Friday, September 10, 2010

20 amazing uses for dryer sheets

So I know this has nothing to do with Tiresocks, but I came across this list on the Internet and it is TOO good to pass up sharing with you all!

1. Use it to dust your TV screen. The anti-static chemicals in a dryer sheet will help to repel dust and lint.

2. Use old dryer sheets to easily wipe up talcum powder, flour, and other messes of this type.

3. Used sheets usually have enough fragrance in them to freshen up other areas in your home. Stuff them in tennis shoes, place them in closets, in laundry hampers, and luggage- anywhere you need a little "refreshment"

4. Run a sheet over a piece of thread when you're doing sewing tasks. The thread won't tangle up as easy.

5. Have pet hair on your clothing? Simply wipe if off with a used dryer sheet! Also works great on cloth furniture too!

6. Keep dust and other contaminants off your glass computer screen by carefully wiping it with an old sheet.

7. Did you purchase some old, musty books at a garage sale or thrift shop? Make them smell good again! Simply place the books in a sealed plastic bag with a used dryer sheet. Allow the bag to sit undisturbed fro a day or two, then remove the contents. The musty smell will be gone!

8. Got a problem with mice? Find where they are entering your house and stuff the hole shut with a used sheet. Mice won't chew through the smelly material.

9. Place a used dryer sheet in the bag of your vacuum. Vacuum your house, and the air will smell as fresh as your clothes do.

10. These wonders of the 70's are also said to repel mosquitoes as well as other annoying, flying insects. Don't rub it on you. Instead, stick a used sheet in your belt loop.

11. You can use dryer sheets to clean and polish the chrome on your vehicles.

12. Is there a build-up of soap scum on your glass shower door? Simply use an old dryer sheet to eliminate the mess.

13. Is the interior of your car or truck smelling a little stale? Forget the pine tree on a string! Place a few used dryer sheets under the seats of your vehicle instead!

14. Use sheets to clean and polish the glass lens of your eyeglasses. They are not recommended for plastic lens, though!

15. Is your hair dry and full of static electricity? Gently wipe a used dryer sheet over your head to get rid of it!

16. Dryer sheets make great dusting clothes for your wood furniture.

17. Help keep dust and other allergens out of your house by placing a used sheet inside ever furnace/AC register in your house. Make sure it covers the openings and replace once they are dirty.

18. Keep your blinds clean longer by wiping them periodically with used dryer sheets. The anti-static properties will actually help to repel dust and dirt.

19. Scissor blades not cutting as smoothly as they should? Wipe scissor blades clean with a used dryer sheet to remedy this.

20. Used dryer sheets make great little cloths for quick shine in the bathroom and kitchen. Use on a chrome faucet and see how it shines!

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